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What Goes Beyond Our Juices

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Organic, Cold-Pressed Juices?

Your customers care about what they eat and will prioritise quality over price. This means a superior product will outsell a cheaper but lower quality alternative. No other company in Australia provides a service like ours with raw, organic, cold-pressed juice with your branding delivered directly to you.


Remove the Hassle
and Reduce Wastage

Remove the stress, cost and wastage of having to make your own juice. Serve a high quality product on demand with no extra stress on your staff and logistics. White label branding is beginning to revolutionise the hospitality industry, and you have the opportunity to get ahead of your competitors.


Why Have
Personalised Branding?

Expanding your brand awareness and reputation authentically is hard. Having your own personalised branding on products will allow your cafe to grow in a natural and organic way. Your customers will also naturally associate your brand with fresh and quality products that they will fall in love with.


Your Cafe Apart

Create a community of customers who love your food and your brand. It’s the atmosphere, experience and brand perception that truly makes a cafe stand out. Let us help you build your reputation through branding and quality products.

Frequently Asked Questions

🍊 What does Organic and Cold-Press mean?

For food to be called organic it must be grown in a way that is as natural as possible. This means no harmful pesticides, all-natural soil, and grown sustainably. Generally, to be recognised as organic a product becomes certified by a third-party organisation with strict guidelines.

Cold-press juicing is a method of extracting juice from fruit without applying large amounts of heat to the juice. Most juice is mass-produced with blades that create large amounts of heat which negatively affects the quality of the juice.

🍎 Why should I sell Organic, Cold-Press Juice over regular juice?

When selling a health drink such as juice, consumers value a higher quality product. Whilst concentrated juices may be cheaper, people buying juice will generally choose the healthier choice.

By offering the best quality juice in your area, you will be able to sell the juice at higher margins as health-conscious customers are less price-sensitive if the product is genuinely higher quality.

πŸ“ Do people buy juice at cafes?

Over the past five years in Australia, the juice industry has grown 7.5% as compared to 2.5% in the coffee industry.

Juice is rivalling coffee as a healthier alternative for breakfast beverages. Due to the current health-conscious trend in the food industry, customers are wishing that they’re able to choose healthier options when they eat out.

πŸ₯¬ Is having my branding on the juice worth it?

It really depends on your cafe’s goals. If you are looking to grow your brand and reputation naturally, then it is a great way to set yourself apart. The more you can do to create a culture and brand around your cafe, the more people will gravitate to you.

With the convenience of personalised production, it doesn’t make sense to promote another business’ product when you could promote your own branding for no extra cost.

🍍 How long can I store the juice for?

The juice has a shelf life of 75 days, as long as it is kept in refrigeration. This means you don’t have time pressure to sell the juice, making it a safer investment and more profitable.


About Brand Your Own Foods

The three key principles that led to the creation of Brand Your Own Foods are:

  • How can we make cafe owners lives easier?
  • How can we make them more profit?
  • How can we help them promote their business?


As such, our goal is to help you brand your own bespoke food and beverage products without the need for mass volumes. We understand that your brand reputation is priceless. We matchmake high-quality products with your brand, to fetch higher turnover and margins for your venue.

We specialise in a portfolio that you would want to β€œBrand Your Own”.